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Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey

Technology Implementation Director

Brian Bailey has 16 years of experience in creating practical and actionable plans and strategies regarding functional safety. He worked ten years for a major Houston-based EPC and system integrator working with control systems, leading teams, and coordinating inter-disciplinary activities in both the US and abroad. Brian successfully completed his Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE), has an MBA from the University of Houston, and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M in 2004.

Brian is a founding member of ProLytX and serves as the Functional Safety Services Director. His primary focus is on simulation and the optimization of processes and procedures that improve the safety and operability of facilities through the development and deployment of intelligent tools.

He cannot help but bring his work home with programming as both a hobby and a job. Aside from code, he and his wife stay extremely busy and entertained with their three sons, Legos being their favorite family hobby, and visiting Legoland as often as possible. Brian is a former hovercraft owner and takes an interest in retro gaming and woodworking.


SIS applications, functional safety, engineering, remote controls, workflow, strategy, and application development