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ProLytX’s ProSuite uses automation and validation to bolster industrial safety and regulatory compliance. Automated processes enhance precision, reduce risks, and offers a thoroughness and redundancy not possible with manual testing methods. Validation mechanisms bolster adherence to stringent regulations and offer human-control without the inherent risk of human-error creating a secure work environment. Our equipment-agnostic solutions are a synergy of technology and the safety measures already in place that are crucial for safeguarding personnel, assets, and maintaining regulatory compliance.


Test Drive

Test Drive helps facilities generate and execute test procedures for FAT and existing commissioned systems with fully documented results and a concise audit trail.  Test Drive also provides automated loop check capabilities to scan and drive smart transmitters (via HART) while confirming PLC scaling and functionality with built-in communication drivers. Our templated, data-driven approach reduces the time required to develop testing procedures. By fully automating the execution of processes, either offline or on a production system, during an outage, Test Drive provides for more thorough testing with less human resources resulting in reduced risk and cost.


ProSMART, ProLytX System Monitoring and Analytics in Real-Time, helps facilities optimize testing time during planned and unplanned shutdowns and allow for validation, revalidation, and modification of events (incidents) during normal operations. ProSMART pulls data from multiple SIS systems into a single view where trips, events, and failures can be viewed, acted upon (responded to), and documented in one integrated solution reducing staff hours and costs.

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