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ProLytX specializes in data management and integration across multiple enterprise applications and platforms. By helping clients standardize business workflows, automate Quality Assurance, and enhance analytics and report customization, we help clients save valuable time.


Consulting Services

Strategy and Planning

Project Management

Project QA/QC

EPC Coordination

Handover Support

Application Selection

Digital Transformation

Interface Management



Data Management

Data Migration

Legacy Data Conversion

Data Governance


Application-Specific Database Upgrades

Handover Data Support

Data Collection

Data Storage



Industrial Safety Solutions

S84/IEC61511 Compliance Assessments

Functional Safety Strategy and Planning

Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) Documentation

Programing Standards

Verification and Validation

Custom Reporting

Procedure Development with Built-in Simulation Services

Third-party Verification

FAT / SAT Facilitation

Turnaround / Commissioning Support

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Verification

Cause and Effects Creation


Application Services



Custom Reports

Process Workflow and Documentation

Define and Develop Project Templates

Enterprise Application Integration


SmartPlant© Product Services

Application Development

User Support

SEED File Creation


Packaged Solutions

Prometheus: Asset Management Ecosystem

Commercial Software Implementation

Custom Development


Specialized Field Services

Execution Coordination

Calibration and Device Verification

Loop Checks/Function Testing – Conventional

Loop Checks/Function Testing – Automated (In-house software)

DCS/PLC Support

QA/QC Instrumentation and Electrical

Troubleshooting and Repair

Instrumentation “Health Status” Verification

Staffing Solutions

Ad Hoc Engineers

Project Managers

Project Support

Data Entry

Application Support

Data Analyst

Test Support




Hosting Solutions

Off-prem Hosting




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