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Tarah Schneberger

Tarah Schneberger

Strategic Executions Director

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Tarah Schneberger is a seasoned Strategic Execution Director with over 10 years of experience in project execution within the manufacturing sector, specializing in oil and gas, petrochemicals, and owner-operator manufacturing. As a dynamic change agent, she excels in driving strategic change through her expertise in strategy, operations, and commercial domains. Tarah has consistently elevated organizations by optimizing manufacturing efficiency, conducting organizational effectiveness studies, and implementing enterprise-wide digital transformation.

With a background in chemical engineering (B.S. and M.S.), Tarah is a strategic planner and executor, proficient in change management, human performance, and human factors implementation. Her professional journey includes contributing to the growth and transformation of organizations, particularly in the petrochemicals industry and digital transformation.

Outside the office, Tarah finds joy in gardening and being out in nature. She is based in Houston, Texas.