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ProLytX Tech, LLC Completes Separation from Contech Control Services, Inc., Emerges as Independent Entity


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Why we are different

ProLytX delivers innovative solutions to complex engineering problems by closing the gap between Engineering and IT. Bringing engineering, technology, and consulting expertise together, our unique approach covers all the bases.


We are engineers at heart and by training. We understand the business-drivers, objectives, and perspectives of engineers and the unique requirements of engineering data. This perspective allows us to integrate quickly into teams and see potential issues before they become major problems.

Information Technology

We are passionate and skilled in information technology, systems and management. Our clients benefit from our two-pronged approach to technical talent which encompasses the practice of hiring highly skilled technicians and an in-house program that serves to mentor and cross-train highly motivated individuals in the disciplines of engineering process, implementation, and data management.


We are process-driven analysts, problem-solvers, and leaders who partner with clients to find sustainable solutions to complex issues. Our expertise in engineering and I.T., along with a problem-solving mind-set and software agnostic approach allow us to objectively consult and deliver smart solutions across business process, technology implementation and integration, cloud services, and skilled staffing needs.


ProLytX provides a variety of transformative technology services that digitally enable and connect workers.

Digital Twin

Building trusted and reliable data foundations and digital representation of facilities to enable business.


Engineering Applications

Engineering expertise and technical acumen to help clients leverage best-in-class technology.



Industrial Safety Solutions

Innovation and automation to achieve the highest level of safety standards.


Custom Development

Expertise in cutting-edge technologies to extend beyond the limitations of off-the-shelf applications.


Exploring the Reality of AI in Business: A Practical Approach

Amidst the buzz surrounding AI, ProLytX navigates skepticism and curiosity regarding its tangible implications. The company adopts AI as a tool to augment human capabilities in five phases: leveraging commercial AI tools, implementing intelligent document classification, training AI for data extraction, ensuring quality assurance, and integrating extracted data into digital systems. This iterative process showcases AI’s impact on workflow efficiency and data accuracy. ProLytX remains committed to evolving with AI technology, emphasizing its practical applications over grand promises for meaningful industry change.

The Inherent Challenges of Digital Twins and Advanced Analytics

Industrial facility owners need comprehensive data for plant lifecycle management. The shift to data-centricity demands foundational change beyond technology. Traditional reliance on EPCs causes data silos and inefficiencies. Smaller entities lag in adopting new systems. ProLytX aims to unify and modernize data management, enabling better operations and maintenance through transparent, third-party services, and pushing towards an analytical, digital twin-enabled future.

The Origin of Engineering Technology

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The Truth About the “Easy Button”:

The Truth About the “Easy Button”:
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Unrestricted Risk

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Safer Through Automation

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