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The Leader in Operational IT.

We bring together engineering, IT, and consulting services to increase operational efficiency and industrial safety.

Why we are different

ProLytX delivers innovative solutions to complex engineering problems by closing the gap between Engineering and I.T. Bringing engineering, technology, and consulting expertise together, our unique approach covers all the bases.


We are engineers at heart and by training. We understand the business-drivers, objectives, and perspectives of engineers and the unique requirements of engineering data. This perspective allows us to integrate quickly into teams and see potential issues before they become major problems.



Information Technology

We are passionate and skilled in information technology, systems and management. Our clients benefit from our two-pronged approach to technical talent which encompasses the practice of hiring highly skilled technicians and an in-house program that serves to mentor and cross-train highly motivated individuals in the disciplines of engineering process, implementation, and data management.


We are process-driven analysts, problem-solvers, and leaders who partner with clients to find sustainable solutions to complex issues. Our expertise in engineering and I.T., along with a problem-solving mind-set and software agnostic approach allow us to objectively consult and deliver smart solutions across business process, technology implementation and integration, cloud services, and skilled staffing needs.

What we do

Engineering IT

We optimize your engineering, design and asset management software solutions by combining our engineering and project experience with advanced database and programming knowledge. Traditionally, software and database systems are managed by a separate I.T. infrastructure with custom front-end access points for engineers and managers. This approach creates barriers between the resources with engineering knowledge and those with bulk data access and programming capabilities. ProLytX removes these barriers and closes the gap between knowledge and data by combining Engineering experience with advanced programming, analytics, and integration capabilities. We have expertise in the widely used SmartPlant® applications and other commercial software solutions, as well as, having the capability to create powerful customized solutions. We strive to improve engineering efficiency through innovative software solutions that harness the power of your raw data.

Industrial Safety Solutions

We take a full SIS lifecycle approach to engineering and offer a variety of industrial safety solutions.  In line with our other engineering activities, we take data and quality control-focused business practices and apply them to Industrial Safety.  Our key areas of competency include audit/assessment, procedure-based automated validation, deliverable creation, and 3rd Party verification/validation. We also have developed proprietary technology that allows us to perform detailed checks using large amounts of data and provide measurable results in regard to the S84 or IEC61511 standards.

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    Guests, Mike Antosh and Blake Biernacki explore the benefits of digital transformation and the use of innovative technologies in modern organizations. Recorded May 11th, at 10 AM. CST

    The Wild Catters Podcast

    Collin with the Digital Wildcatters sat down with Blake Biernacki and Mike Antosh from ProLytX - Engineering IT to chat about the work they are doing to bridge the gap between major engineering companies and owner-operators in the O&G industry by bringing together engineering, IT, and consulting services to increase operational efficiency and functional safety.

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